What is a Free zone Company? What are the advantages of Free zone Company?

    • A Free Zone Company setup allows foreigners, 100% ownership of their business.
    • In addition, the business is exempted from local mainland taxation requirements.
    • 100% Foreign equity repatriation is allowed.
    • An advantage of Free zone setup is encouragement by the government for setting up your business quickly with very limited documentation.

What sorts of facilities are available in free zone areas?

    • All Free zones are well equipped with top rated infrastructure in order to facilitate business
    • Business centers with different sizes of offices are available for starting business activities

Can a free zone company Trade in a local market?

  • Yes a free zone company can trade within local market by paying a 5% duty at the custom border through their appointed agent.

What is a minimum capital requirement for opening a company?

  • Minimum capital requirement varies in each free zone depending on your activity.
  • In number of free zones there is no Capital requirement.

Can a share holder sponsor his family under his Sponsorship?

  • Yes shareholder can sponsor his family members including children under age of 18 years. Each Free zone has its own requirement for family sponsorship in most of the cases minimum account balance of approx USD 15000/= is requirement as a proof you can sustain your family.

What are the advantages of DED license for setting up an LLC Company?

  • The biggest advantage of DED license is you can trade within UAE without any hindrance
  • Your company can participate in number of activities in the country by participating in tenders.
  • All your transactions are done under the jurisdiction of UAE and State government from where your license is issued.

What is the time period involved in forming a company in Free zone?

In Free zones, companies are formed from 3 days time to 3 weeks. Each Free zone has its own policy for issuance of license.

What is a Offshore Company ? Can we trade by forming a Offshore company?

A company incorporated with certain offshore jurisdiction to operate worldwide but without any tax liability at the incorporated jurisdiction. An offshore company is a tool to operate and control wealth management.

We cannot trade with offshore company. An Offshore company is formed for the parking of fund and wealth management purposes.

Can we open a Bank account with offshore company and apply for visa?

Yes we can open a Bank account with an Offshore company but cannot apply for UAE visa unless and until another company is formed in Free zone.

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